Deals/Products We Use

We use the following products for our kittens. You also have the option to purchase a majority of these products at a discounted price through us. Please call/text 801.489.0796 or email to order or for any questions.



Dry Food- Earthborn Holistic Grain Free

Wet Food- Nutro Kitten Chicken Soft Loaf (Highly Recommended), we also use Solid Gold, Blue Wilderness, and several other wet foods.


KatsNUs Tuff Kitty Balls- These are an awesome high quality pom pom ball that our Ragdolls go crazy for! They’re Siv’s favorite toy and are the perfect size to teach your Ragdoll to play fetch!

Catit Track Toy- Great for cats that have a high predatory instinct. It is a track toy that has a ball that the cat will push around and chase. This is one that our hyper Neve loves.

Rabbit Fur Mice- Smells like a real rabbit, so it drives them crazy!


Tidy Cats Litter

SoPhresh Clumping Litter- Only used with kittens older than 8 Weeks.

CatGenie- Automatic Litter Box

Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Water Fountain