Our Ragdoll Cattery is located in Utah in a small city called Price. In the past, Jentry (Breeder) bred and showed AKC Champion Siberian Huskies for over 10 years. We established our cattery, Wasatch Ragdolls, in early 2017 with the purchase of our first breeding male, Nimbus. Nimbus became our first show cat that following year, and we have been in love with showing ever since! Nimbus was a Mid-Pacific Regional Winner and got his Quadruple Grand Champion title in TICA.

Jentry graduated from Utah Valley University at the end of 2019 with her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. We give our cats and kittens 24/7 love, attention and care that they very much deserve. This allows us to socialize our kittens even better- giving them that “Puppy-Cat” personality Ragdolls are so well known for.

We strive for the healthiest kittens in the beautiful colors and patters of: Seal Bicolor, Seal Lynx Bicolor, Blue Bicolor, Blue Lynx Bicolor, Seal Mitted, Seal Lynx Mitted, Blue Mitted, Blue Lynx Mitted, Seal Colorpoint, Seal Lynx Colorpoint, Blue Colorpoint, and Blue Lynx Colorpoint.

“What Greater Gift Than the Love of a Cat”… especially a Ragdoll!9B553CCA-39B8-4096-9FA8-15199C038D1A