Available Kittens and Wait Lists

Kittens available! Please contact us for details!

Deposits and any money placed on a kitten is non-refundable, but are transferable to litters until you find your perfect match! Once you decide on a kitten, the deposit is transferable until 8 weeks of age. After 8 weeks of age the deposit is then forfeited if you decide to wait for the next litter. This is because sometimes it can be difficult to find homes for older kittens. People like to watch their babies grow with the weekly pictures from birth to 12-16 weeks when they go to their new home.

  • WasatchRagdolls reserves the right to hold back any kitten of breeding/show quality for our cattery.
  • Breeder deposits get first pick on any litter born.
  • Kittens will be chosen in the order deposits were received.
  • WasatchRagdolls reserves the right to evaluate kittens until 10 weeks old, though sometimes picking a kitten will be before this age.
  • Half of the remaining amount is due when picking your kitten, and the other half is due at 10 weeks of age when kitten goes in for their alter. These payments are non-refundable.

Updated pictures will be posted here weekly for their new owners!

Color/Word Meanings:

Available: Kitten is available for Deposit! Please contact us for details if you’re interested!

Pending Wait List:  Waiting on pick from our Wait List. People that have already placed deposits and have been waiting to pick a kitten.

Sold: The kitten has a deposit placed on them, and is sold!

Under Evaluation: Kitten is currently under evaluation as breeding/show potential. This kitten is not available, but may become available in the future.



Rosemary x Nimbus welcomed 6 gorgeous babies into the world on 3/31/20. 3 Handsome Boys and 3 Lovely Girls!


Aster- Reserved for Amy and Emily


Alder- Reserved for Cindy


Clover- Reserved for Wai


Peony- Reserved for Kim


Primrose- Reserved for Tracy


Under Observation

Star x Cosmo welcomed 6 beautiful babies into the world on 5/29/20. There are 3 girls and 3 boys, all will be under evaluation for several more weeks before picking begins.

Next Litter of Kittens Will Be Chosen From the Wait List in the Order Deposits Have Been Received. Please Check Our 2020 Breeding Plans for Information on Our Next Litters.

Wait List

Show Kitten (Gets first pick on all planned litters once deposit is placed)

Early Summer 2020 Litters Pets (Star x Cosmo)

  1. Lauren- Seal Bicolor Male
  2. Ashley- Blue Bicolor Male
  3. Jeffrey- Blue Mitted/Point Female
  4. Chris- Female
  5. Kim- Blue Lynx Bicolor Female
  6. Armando- Seal Mitted

Late Summer-Fall 2020 Litters Pets (Basil x Cosmo) (Cirrus x Cosmo)

  1. Kellie- Bicolor Male
  2. Lacey- Seal Mitted Male
  3. Rachel- Blue Lynx Bicolor Female

Our goal is to fill wait list positions within 6 months or less (usually 3-4 months), once deposit is received. Our Queens generally have 4-6 kittens in each litter. Sometimes we will get huge litters of 8, or small litters of 2-3. Just for reference, plan on each litter to have 5 kittens so you can plan which litter you could possibly get a kitten from and how long you will have to wait. Feel free to text with any questions, or to ask me how long the wait time will be (approximately). Unfortunately I can’t run Mother Nature. 🙂