Prices and Deposits

We take our $1000 pet kitten deposits through Venmo! Half of the remaining amount is due when picking your kitten, and the other half is due at 10 weeks of age when kitten goes in for their alter. These payments are non-refundable. Pick up will be around 12-16 weeks old. You have until 8 weeks old to transfer your deposit to a different kitten or a different litter, after that the deposit is forfeited.

Our Ragdoll Kittens love having a play mate come home with them. Ragdolls are a very social breed and don’t enjoy being alone for long amounts of time. For this reason we strongly encourage everyone to purchase 2 kittens at the same time, especially for families that are gone most of the day.

We currently offer kittens in Seal and Blue colors! We offer kittens in the Bicolor, Bicolor Lynx, Mitted, Mitted Lynx, Colorpoint, and Lynx Colorpoint Patterns!

Our prices start at $3000 for pet quality kittens. Price will be based on markings, how they conform to the standard, and bloodlines!

“Mismarked” kittens will start at $3000+, this is about 90% of kittens. This means they have a Marking or two that doesn’t fit the showing standard. They are still perfect pets with great personalities!

Perfect show/alter quality kittens are sometimes available, please contact for more details on pricing. Less than 10% of kittens are usually show quality. Show quality kittens have perfect markings, and are good examples of the build/structure noted in the TICA Ragdoll Standard.

We are not placing any kittens as Breeders at this time.

Non-refundable Deposits and Payments Include:

  • Updated Pictures every 2-3 Weeks, starting at 4 weeks of age.
  • Current Vaccinations dependent on age (Usually 2 Shots)
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Dewormed starting at 4 weeks of age.
  • Kittens Health Record
  • 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee
  • TICA and/or CFA Registration
  • Copies of Parents Pedigrees (if requested)
  • Copies of Parents Genetic Testing (if requested)
  • Kitten Starter Package: includes samples of dry food, wet food, toys, treats, etc.

It is your responsibility to pick up your kitten on the day you decide or arrange for delivery!

If interested please email ( or text/call (801.489.0796) with inquiries about deposits to get on our wait list. There is a $1000 non-refundable deposit to get on the wait list, this $1000 goes toward the total price of the kitten. We take deposits through Venmo! Any money placed on a kitten after a kitten is picked is also non-refundable. Pick up will be in Springville, Utah when the kittens are 12-14 weeks of age. This can be paid in cash or over Venmo.

Kittens that are being delivered need to be paid in full, and any additional delivery fees, 1 week before spay/neuter day. I can then schedule their delivery.

Next Litter of Kittens Will Be Chosen From the Wait List in the Order Deposits Have Been Received. Please Check Our 2020 Breeding Plans for Information on Our Next Litters.

Wait List

2021 Litters

  1. Kirk- Blue Lynx Female
  2. Benjamin- Seal or Blue Female
  3. Ashlyn- Blue Bicolor Female
  4. Katya and John- Seal Mitted
  5. Katya and John- Blue/Lynx Bicolor
  6. Mandy- Blue Lynx Mitted/Blue Colorpoint
  7. Cynthia- Seal Bicolor Male
  8. Jeanne- Blue Bicolor Female
  9. Rufina & Samuel- Seal Mitted or Colorpoint Male
  10. Dawn- Blue Female
  11. Brizette- Blue/Lynx Bicolor
  12. Solveig- Seal Lynx Mitted/Bicolor Female
  13. Ashleigh- Male
  14. Scott- Floppy
  15. Meadow- Seal Bicolor/Mitted/Colorpoint or Blue Bicolor Female
  16. Ben- Blue Mitted Female
  17. Ashley and Ben- Blue Bicolor Female
  18. Erin- Bicolor Female

2022 Litters

Our goal is to fill wait list positions within 6 months or less (usually 3-4 months), once deposit is received. Our Queens generally have 4-6 kittens in each litter. Sometimes we will get huge litters of 8, or small litters of 2-3. Just for reference, plan on each litter to have 5 kittens so you can plan which litter you could possibly get a kitten from and how long you will have to wait. Feel free to text with any questions, or to ask me how long the wait time will be (approximately). Unfortunately I can’t run Mother Nature. 🙂

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