Colors and Patterns

Traditional (Non-Lynx or Red Series)

Seal Bicolor

Blue Bicolor

Chocolate Bicolor

Lilac Bicolor

Seal Mitted

Blue Mitted

Chocolate Mitted

Lilac Mitted

Seal Colorpoint

Blue Colorpoint

Chocolate Colorpoint

Lilac Colorpoint

Non-Traditional (Lynx and Red Series)

Seal Lynx Bicolor

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Chocolate Lynx Bicolor

Lilac Lynx Bicolor

Flame Lynx Bicolor

Cream Lynx Bicolor

Seal Torbie (Lynx/Tortie) Bicolor

Blue Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Bicolor

Chocolate Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Bicolor

Lilac Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Bicolor

Flame Bicolor

Cream Bicolor

Seal Tortie Bicolor

Blue Tortie Bicolor

Chocolate Tortie Bicolor

Lilac Tortie Bicolor

Seal Lynx Mitted

Blue Lynx Mitted

Chocolate Lynx Mitted

Lilac Lynx Mitted

Flame Lynx Mitted

Cream Lynx Mitted

Seal Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Mitted

Blue Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Mitted

Chocolate Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Mitted

Lilac Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Mitted

Flame Mitted

Cream Mitted

Seal Tortie Mitted

Blue Tortie Mitted

Chocolate Tortie Mitted

Lilac Tortie Mitted

Seal Lynx Colorpoint

Blue Lynx Colorpoint

Chocolate Lynx Colorpoint

Lilac Lynx Colorpoint

Flame Lynx Colorpoint

Cream Lynx Colorpoint

Seal Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Colorpoint

Blue Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Colorpoint

Chocolate Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Colorpoint

Lilac Torbie (Lynx Tortie) Colorpoint

Flame Colorpoint

Cream Colorpoint

Seal Tortie Colorpoint

Blue Tortie Colorpoint

Chocolate Tortie Colorpoint

Lilac Tortie Colorpoint