WasatchRagdolls Cirrus Cloud

Cirrus is our first generation girl that we have kept back from our own breeding. She has lines from all over the world.  From her line, she is a part of the 13th generation away from the founding cat of the Ragdoll breed, Josephine (through GIC Hightide Lowtide Puccini). Cirrus is a Blue Lynx Mitted! Cirrus is named after the Cirrus Cloud and Cirrus Cheese, which ties back to her parents. QCG Ragmatical Nimbus (Nimbus Cloud) and CompassCatz Brie of WasatchRagdolls (Brie Cheese). We are very excited for this girls future! She will begin showing early 2019.


HCM: Negative

PKD: Negative

MPSVIs and MPSVIm: Negative

FeLV: Negative

FIV: Negative

Blood Type:

Color Test: AaddBB (Blue Lynx)

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Click here to see the pedigree for Cirrus:;2:1358487&g=5&p=rag&o=ajgrep

Sire: QGC Ragmatical Nimbus


Dam: CompassCatz Brie of WasatchRagdolls