Kitten Picking and Payment Schedule


  1. Picking of kittens will go in the order deposits have been received.
  2. WasatchRagdolls reserves the right to hold back any kitten for evaluation for as long as needed to decided if kitten will be a good fit for our breeding program.
  3. Kitten Pick will generally happen between 2-6 Weeks of age. This can be earlier or later depending on evaluations needed.
  4. There will be an opportunity to visit your kitten around 7 weeks of age. This is your chance to get to know the kittens personality and decide if this is the right kitten for you. You must decide by 8 Weeks of age (1/2 amount due at 8 Weeks) if you want the kitten you’ve chosen.
    • If you decide the kitten isn’t what you’re looking for, your deposit will then be transferred to the next litter. The deposit is only transferable if you let me know before 8 Weeks of age that you will not be getting the kitten you chose. If you wait until after 8 Weeks, the deposit is forfeited.
  5. At this point in our program, we are more focused on evaluating and holding back our own females. Because of this, please be aware that picking a kitten might come later if you are wanting a female as we will be evaluating them longer.



  • $500 Deposit to get on our Wait List. (Deposit does go toward full price of kitten)
  • Total price of pet quality kittens will be decided at 6 Weeks of age. 1/2 of this amount is due at 8 weeks, with the remaining 1/2 due at 10 Weeks.
  • These payments and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.