CH Thyme

CH Blossom Thyme of WasatchRagdolls

Thyme is one of our gorgeous new show girls! She was born July 29th, 2018. She has a very diverse lineage from all around the world with amazing lines. She comes from a fantastic breeder, friend, and mentor Dana Pendergraph of Blossom Ragdolls. Thyme is our upcoming Blue Mitted Queen.

DNA Testing

HCM: Pending

PKD: Pending

MPSVIs and MPSVIm: Pending

FeLV: Pending

FIV: Pending

Blood Type: Results Pending

Color Test: Results Pending

Click here to view Thyme’s pedigree:;14:1261716;11:1101271;10:993533;6:1242581;4:1357676&g=5&p=rag&date=iso&o=ajgrep

Sire: DGC Marlcreek Tony Thyme of Blossom


Dam: TGC Bluedolls Jasmine


We cannot thank our loving friend and mentor, Dana Pendergraph, enough! We are so grateful and blessed that she has been so willing and encouraging with helping us with our amazing ragdolls! Her guidance means everything to me, and I couldn’t have done this adventure without her. Dana has been breeding and showing Ragdolls for a very long time and has put so much time and energy in helping the Ragdoll breed become what it is today (Not to mention all her help in being on the Ragdoll Breed Committee for TICA). We are so blessed to have her in our life, and for trusting us with our amazing Thyme. Thank you Dana!!